Why check in?

ALWAYS CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE BEFORE GOING TO THE CLASSROOMS -  it is a matter of safety for our students. The teachers know the students in their classrooms, but they do not know all of the families and adults connected to the students.  It is very important for your child's safety that all staff members be able to recognize adults who have properly checked in, displaying an office-issued name tag.  All staff have been requested to redirect any non-staff adults who do not display a name tag to the office.  Let's all follow the 'School Rules' and the Newark Education Code and keep our campus safe.

Adult Tutoring

The Alameda County Library is offering FREE tutoring for adults in reading, writing and spelling through their Adult Literacy  Program.  Need to become a better reader or writer?  Check it out!  Call:  (510) 745-1480.

Involved Parents

Click on the Parent Involvement link in the 'Locker' above, and learn about the Schilling School Policy for Parential Involvement for the 2013/2014 school year (English and Spanish).

NUSD Community Engagement Survey Now Available
La Encuesta del NUSD Sobre el Compromiso de la
Comunidad Está Disponible

The Newark Unified School District (NUSD) is reaching out to its families for ...more




Parents throughout California have submitted thousands of objection letters to the possible release of this very sensitive data. While the judge reiterated that these notices are not a parental opt-out, the large number of objections the court has already received did indicate a high level of concern from the public.  As a result Judge Mueller, amended the e-protocol CDE is to follow.  She stated that no data from the CALPADs database will be transferred.  For more information please go to the CDE website.

Traffic Safety - seguridad vial

As we begin the school year, Newark Police Department will begin citing drivers whenever necessary to encourage compliance of traffic laws and to reinforce that safety of our children is a priority.

There have been multiple incidents endangering children even a child being struck and several near misses.  Please remember that children’s cognitive abilities are still developing and they lack training and experience in traffic safety.  

Keys to avoid receiving a citation:

  • Drive Slow
  • Do not make illegal U-turns
  • Have car seats for children
  • Have seat belts on all passengers
  • Make a “full-stop” at stop signs

Putting our children at risk is not worth the few minutes you may save by rushing and breaking these suggestions.  Newark Unified School District and the Newark Police Department want to keep everyone safe.

Safety reminders for children walking to school:

  • Walk, don’t run across the street
  • Look left, look right and left again
  • Obey Walk/Wait signals
  • Do not cross at mid-block locations
  • Use crosswalks

Safety reminders for children biking to school:

  • Always wear a properly fastened and fitted helmet
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Ride in the same direction as motor vehicles
  • Check traffic when changing lanes, crossing streets or turning
  • Use hand signals


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Students and staff join Mrs. Paredes during a 'comfortable' and fun time for reading.  

Proud Students, Parents and Staff Have Fun Marching in the Newark Day's Parade!

Proud Students, Parents and Staff Have Fun Marching in the Newark Day's Parade!

A Great Schilling "Thank You" to Banda Cienega for Providing Our Marching Music!

A Great Schilling Thank You to Banda Cienga for Providing Our Marching Music!

Schilling welcomes Officer Phil Holland, Newark Police Department!

Schilling welcomes Officer Holland to our campus.  Officer Holland generously volunteers his time and energy to all of Newark Unified's elementary schools.  Welcome Officer Holland, we're glad you are here!

Officer Holland generously volunteers his time to all of Newark Unified's elementary schools.  Schilling students always look forward seeing Officer Holland on campus, visiting classrooms, working with students, and double checking our security.  Thank you Officer Holland!

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

 Did you know you can find out more about Schilling by viewing our SARC on the Newark District Website?  Click the following link, and then go to Schilling Elementary School.  School Accountability Report Card

In addition, a paper copy is available in our school office for you to view.

Schilling School Calendar

Banda Cienega leads Schilling Elementary at the Newark Day's Parade!

Banda Cienga leads Schilling Elementary at the Newark Day's Parade!

The Schilling School Pledge

I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

I will use appropriate language and actions.

I will respect people and property.

I will do my best at all times.

Website Notes

Any omissions or errors are the sole responsibility  of the webmaster, John Mitchell at jmitchel@nusd.k12.ca.us.  It is always advisable to check dates and times with office or your student's teacher.