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A.L. Schilling Elementary School

36901 Spruce Street

Newark, CA 94560


Mrs. Nicole Paredes, Principal

Mrs. Yvonne Rost, Office Manager

Mrs. Maria Diaz-Mendola

Schilling Values


Dear Schilling Families,

I want to take this opportunity to talk with you about the importance of teaching children values and attitudes.  These are characteristics and qualities that make the use of the other skills that we learn possible.  At Schilling we teach and implement “Value of the Month”.  Each month, students are introduced to a value and it becomes the schoolwide focus for the month.  Though these values are reinforced in the classroom, they get their power from parents teaching and modeling them at home.  The Values of Month at Schilling are: 




Positive Attitude

Being Honest




 These values play a strong role in determining a student’s success in school and beyond.  They must be taught.  Productivity and happiness in life are the results of more than academic competency.  Well-adjusted, successful and happy people also possess the qualities listed above.  Demonstrating these skills is the path to being a learner for life.  Every parent wants his or her child/children to be motivated, responsible, cooperative, and respectful.  We need our children to be learners who can and want to keep on learning. I believe that success is in the trying, in the effort we put forth and in our power to deal constructively with challenges or obstacles.  That is what values enable us to do. 

 I encourage you find opportunities to discuss these values with your child/children and to use acknowledgement and praise when you see them exhibiting these very important skills and qualities. 


 Nicole Paredes


Valores de la Escuela de Schilling

Bell Schedule

8:10 School Begins

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11:30-12:10 Grades 1,4 Lunch

11:45-12:25 Grades 2, 5 Lunch

12:00-12:40 Grades 3, 6 Lunch

12:10 Kindergarten Dismissal

Monday - Thursday Grades 1-6 Dismissal at 2:32

Friday Grades 1-6 Dismissal at 1:05